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Plant and Truck Certification Program

Certification of Production Facilities


A ready mixed concrete producer wishing to obtain certification is encouraged to obtain a copy of the Plant Inspectorís Guide. To purchase a copy the guide you can order here or contact Jacques Jenkins to obtain a copy or by phone at (240) 485-1165.


Engage an approved licensed professional engineer to conduct or direct the inspection and attest to the plantís conformance with the check list requirements: // The licensed engineer conducting the inspection and executing the check list may be an employee of the company owning the plant. It should be noted in this connection that inspecting engineers, in signing the certificate, stake their professional reputation on the evaluation having been objective and thorough. A policy approved by the NRMCA Board of Directors in 2004 requires that the inspecting engineer have a current license from the licensing authority in the state or jurisdiction where the plant is located. The licensed engineer can use an assistant under his employ to perform the inspection provided the final request is signed off by him/her. The assistant has to have been through the NRMCA qualification process.


NRMCA does not establish fees charged by the engineer for the inspection. A list of NRMCA approved engineers who have previously inspected plants in various states is available. The inspecting engineer (or an assistant under their employ) conducts the inspection and completes the Check list. Items that do not comply should be rectified and an acceptable indication noted on the Check list.


An official of the ready mixed concrete company signs the agreement to regularly verify accuracy of scales, volumetric batching devices, dispensers and, if used, devices for automated aggregate moisture measurement attesting that the equipment will be maintained within the requirements of the Check list. The company official pledges to maintain the accuracy of the scales and the batching accuracy of all-volumetric admixture dispensers and water batching devices and will promptly correct any deficiencies for the duration of the certification. The agreement is to also ensure that certification of delivery vehicles is maintained during the period of certification. The company official completing and signing this agreement should have financial and operational responsibility over the management of the production facility; for planning and directing the plant personnel; and taking corrective action when necessary.


Submit one completed original copy of the Check List to NRMCA. The submitted copy should be signed and sealed by the licensed engineer and the company official. NRMCA reserves the right to accept electronic copies of completed check lists when the identity of the submitting entity can be verified. Additional copies of the completed check list should be retained by the inspecting engineer and the company official.


Upon confirming that the plant meets the Check List requirements, a Certificate of Conformance is issued to the plant. (Please note: The certificate is sent to the inspecting engineer, who should sign and seal it. The company official should also sign the certificate).


It takes two weeks and can sometimes extend to four weeks to process a request and issue a certificate. Requests to expedite processing can be accommodated for an additional fee.








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