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Include these two important promotion brochures in your arsenal.

Concrete Parking: This attractive brochure describes the economic, environmental, and aesthetic advantages of concrete parking. Built around a “Money in the bank" theme, the 4-page 8.5”x11” glossy brochure is targeted to owners and architects. It includes attractive photos and persuasive text concerning concrete's many advantageous characteristics. View a PDF.

Click below to order.
Quantity Per Brochure   Total Price
1000               $.35                $350.00

$  .70  $.45      $350  $225.00
$  .80  $.60      $200  $150.00 
$1.14  $.95       $ 57   $ 47.50

Pervious Concrete: As customers and influencers in every part of the country are under increasing pressure to move towards increased sustainability, the many “green” and economic advantages of pervious concrete are attracting more and more attention. This 4-page 8.5”x11” glossy brochure, targeted to owners and architects, clearly makes the case for pervious. View a PDF.

Click below to order.
Quantity Per Brochure   Total Price
1000               $.35                $350.00                   
$  .70  $.45       $350  $225.00
$  .80  $.60       $200  $150.00 
$1.14  $.95        $ 57   $ 47.50

Five easy ways to order: Online: Click on a quantity above.
, Fax, Mail or Email: Contact Jacques Jenkins at 1-888-846-7622, ext. 1165, jjenkins@nrmca.org, or complete and fax or mail the form below.

Mix-n-match six promotion brochures and still get volume pricing.
To order, click here or
download the PDF order form and fax it to Jacques Jenkins at 301-585-4219, email jjenkins@nrmca.org or call 888-846-7622 x1165.
(Multiples of 25 brochures only. Not available for online purchase.)

For other individual promotion brochures,
follow these links: Self-Consolidating Concrete Promotion Brochure | Commercial ICF Promotion Brochure | Concrete Parking Promotion Brochure (For Engineers)

More Promotion Publications | All Publications | Educational Offerings


Please send me ____ copies of the Concrete Parking promotion brochure for $ ____ 
Please send me ___ copies of the Pervious Concrete promotion brochure for $ ____ 

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Organization ________________________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________________

City _____________________________________________State _________ Zip_________________

Phone __________________________________ Fax: ______________________________________

 email _____________________________________________________________________________

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Card Number _______________________________________________________________________

Exp. Date: ________ Name on Credit Card (print) __________________________________________

Return form to Jacques Jenkins. Fax: 301-585-4219.
NRMCA, 900 Spring St., Silver Spring, MD 20910. Email: jjenkins@nrmca.org




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