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Employment Opportunities | Join the NRMCA team.

Join the NRMCA team.


Challenging, career-building work is just one of the many great benefits.


The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) is an 80-year-old construction trade association located in Silver Spring, MD. Our mission is to provide exceptional value for our members by responsibly representing and serving the entire ready mixed concrete through leadership, education, advocacy, promotion and partnering to ensure ready mixed concrete is the building material of choice. Our commitment to our members is second to none and we strive for constant communication on the latest information, products, services and programs to help our members expand their markets and improve their operations while acting on their behalf in Washington, D.C.

Unless otherwise indicated, positions are based at association headquarters in Silver Spring, MD.


If no employment opportunities are currently listed or those listed are not a match for your experience, NRMCA still welcomes your interest and invites you to send a letter and resume to Patty O'Brien at pobrien@nrmca.org in case suitable opportunities arise.




Senior Director, Building Codes and Standards
(fire safety)


The Senior Director of Building Codes and Standards (fire safety) works with national model building codes and standards organizations including ICC, NFPA, ASTM, ACI and others to adopt provisions that benefit concrete construction and defeat provisions that would be detrimental to concrete construction. This position works with the NRMCA Building Codes and Advocacy team and the Joint NRMCA-PCA (Portland Cement Association) promotion committee to provide technical support regarding codes, standards, regulation and legislation at the national, state and local level. Success of the position will be based on the number of code proposals passed and defeated as identified through NRMCA’s and PCA’s strategic planning and committee development process.


• Maintain a positive influential relationship with model codes and standards organizations. Organizations include ICC, NFPA, ASTM, ACI and any other organizations deemed essential to achieve the objectives of the NRMCA Building Codes and Standards group.
• Provide strategic input on specific model building codes and standards provisions that would result in/create a threat to favorable conditions for concrete construction.
• Identifies specific opportunities and threats, develops strategies, and creates code change proposals and revisions to codes and standards, including the development of new provisions, to protect and advance building requirements favorable to concrete.
• Interact with cement and concrete industry groups to assist with input on national codes and standards advocacy.
• Provides technical support to NRMCA State and Local Advocacy group, members and state affiliates regarding local codes and standards.
• Makes technical and persuasive presentations and testify at code hearings.
• Helps build coalitions of likeminded groups and individuals (both concrete industry and non-industry partners) to support NRMCA’s and PCA’s position in the codes and standards.
• Prepares, submits and defends codes language with appropriate substantiation.
• Evaluates the potential for success based on available technical support.
• Prepares appropriate submittals and testimony.
• Helps determine appropriate promotion and communication strategies to influence decision makers based on the priority of the item and the potential for success.
• Provides testimony and/or ballots or conducts ballots.
• Re-evaluates failed initiatives and builds upon successful initiatives.
• Documents and communicates successes and failures.
• Other duties to successfully implement NRMCA and PCA strategic plans.


• Make strategic decisions and judgments.
• Communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing.
• Gather and analyze data and generate reports.
• Create, compose, and edit written materials.
• Gather data, compile information, and prepare reports.
• Analyze and solve problems.
• Use tools such as office productivity software.


• Bachelor of Civil Engineering or Fire Engineering or equivalent (advanced degree preferred).
• Minimum 10 years experience working on national building codes and standards with a track record of success.
• Registered as a Professional Engineer a plus.
• Expertise in fire engineering.
• Working knowledge of building energy design and analysis a plus.
• Working knowledge of performance-based design a plus.
• Working knowledge of acoustical design a plus.


• Position requires significant travel (25%). Most overnight travel consists of three or less nights, but occasionally (2 or 3 times a year) four to seven night-stays are required. Several weekend travel days per year.
• Pack and ship heavy printed material and other supplies (50 lbs.)
• Position requires working from a home office located reasonably close to a major airport in the U.S.


Lionel Lemay, PE, SE, LEED AP
Executive Vice President, Structures and Sustainability
National Ready Mixed Concrete Association


Sales Representative, Buildings


The Sales Representative, Buildings will be part of a team of professionals that works directly with prominent developers, architects, engineers, contractors and concrete producers to offer innovative and economical concrete building solutions for low- to mid-rise buildings. They will work to improve the knowledge of cast-in-place concrete building systems for both multi-family residential and non-residential applications. Success will be measured on the number of projects converted from wood and steel framing to concrete.


• Identify key developers who build low- to mid-rise multi-family residential and non-residential buildings.
• Work with developers to determine which types of concrete system is best suited for the building type and location.
• Work with in-house design proposals to recommend innovative and economical concrete building systems that includes structural and envelope design recommendations, first cost, energy cost, life cycle cost
• Identify national and local contractors who can install concrete systems efficiently and economically including concrete frame, flat plate, post-tensioned, insulating concrete forms, tunnel forms, tilt-up, removable wall and floor forms, etc.
• Work with architects and engineers to educate them on the best concrete systems to compete with wood and steel framing systems.
• Identify obstacles to concrete construction (cost, construction schedule, labor pool, etc.) and propose solutions to decision makers to eliminate or reduce those obstacles.
• Deliver training for architects and engineers on the economical design of concrete building systems.


• Sales expertise
• Dynamic presentation and communication skills
• Ability to work cooperatively and collaboratively with others


• Bachelor degree in architecture, engineering, construction management, business management or another related field.
• Five years’ experience directly related to building product or service sales.
• Experience working in a client- or customer-facing role.
• Experience with building systems including concrete, masonry, steel and wood a plus.
• Knowledge of building and design codes.


• Position requires significant travel (25%).
• Pack and ship heavy printed material and other supplies (50 lbs.)
• Position requires working from a home office located reasonably close to a major airport in the Midwest or Northeast U.S.


Lionel Lemay, PE, SE, LEED AP
Sr. Vice President, Structures and Sustainability
National Ready Mixed Concrete Association



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