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Streets and Roads Promotion & Advocacy Webinar Series

NRMCA has created a series of training modules to assist in developing promotion and advocacy strategies for concrete streets and roads, a largely untapped market in many regions with enormous potential. The series will be offered at no cost to NRMCA members and partners as a 10 Webinar series. The first Webinar will cover general issues and approaches appropriate for review by any producer or coalition that is considering a Streets and Roads promotion effort. Subsequent Webinars will provide much more detail on recommended strategies and approaches. Please note that these modules can be packaged together and presented in half or full-day sessions on location.

Click on the dates below to sign up for any of the Webinars in the series.

Streets and Roads Planning & Strategy:

  1. Streets & Roads Promotion & Advocacy Overview
    This Webinar covers general issues and approaches appropriate for review by any producer or coalition that is considering or has recently embarked on a Streets and Roads promotion effort.
    Glenn Ochsenreiter/Doug O’Neill, next date to be announced.

  2. Streets & Roads Team Building & Situation Analysis
    This Webinar makes recommendations for building the Streets and Roads promotion team and covers the key questions that need answering before a promotion strategy can be finalized.
    Phil Kresge/Doug O’Neill, next date to be announced.

  3. Streets & Roads Promotion for DOTs, Counties & Municipalities
    This Webinar focuses on approaches for Streets and Roads promotion to DOTs and public works departments that are most likely to result in growing concrete project opportunities.
    Jon Hansen/Phil Kresge, next date to be announced.

  4. Winning Initial Streets & Roads Projects in Counties & Municipalities
    This Webinar covers approaches that have worked to generate initial concrete projects, a key step toward developing a significant concrete Streets and Roads market.
    Jon Hansen, next date to be announced.

  5. Streets & Roads Elected-Official Advocacy
    This Webinar focuses on effective strategies to create concrete opportunities through the political process when administrative outreach has proven ineffective. NRMCA recommends that any plan for
    Streets and Roads promotion anticipates that this outreach may be necessary for effective promotion progress.
    Glenn Ochsenreiter, next date to be announced

Streets and Roads Promotion/Advocacy Resources: 

  1. Utilizing MIT Research Results
    The MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub is leading the way in improving as well as developing methods that evaluate economic and environmental impacts of a pavement on a life-cycle basis. This webinar discusses how the results from the MIT research can be put into practice by concrete industry promoters and engineers.
    Brian Killingsworth/Doug O’Neill,
    next date to be announced

  2. Design Assistance Program and Joint Plan Assistance Program
    We will discuss in detail the information provided in the deliverables as well as how to use this information as a part of the promotional effort. Case studies of successful projects will be showcased along with testimonials from individuals that have utilized the program.
    Doug O’Neill/Amanda Hult,
    next date to be announced

  3. Streets and Roads Concrete Construction & Repair Basics
    Have you ever wondered how a empty piece ground becomes streets, roads, parking lots, houses and businesses? Ever given much thought to where and how roads are built? And once built, do you wonder how to properly repair a concrete street? This webinar is divided into 2 parts:
    Part 1 of the Webinar will walk you thru the process of road building from site plan to grading, preparing a road base for paving, and the different methods of concrete paving.
    • Now that you have an understanding of how a concrete road is built, Part 2 of the webinar will show you how to repair a concrete street. Topics include utility cut repair, panel replacement, full and partial depth repair, crack repair, and surface grinding.

    Jon Hansen, next date to be announced

  4. Overlays for Streets & Local Roads
    Concrete Overlays of existing roadways is a long lasting, cost effective alternative to full depth paving replacement. Concrete Overlays can be placed on most existing paving, and this webinar will show the different options and applications. Included will be applications you may have never consider, like direct paving on top of an existing brick paver street, or an project example, with cost, of paving one pass on top of existing asphalt and concrete curb. Substantial dollar and time saving will be shown from this actual project.

    Jon Hansen, next date to be announced

  5. Roller-Compacted Concrete for Streets and Roads
    This presentation will identify how Roller-Compacted Concrete pavement can satisfy the needs of state, county and other local transportation officials. Focus will include quantifying the opportunity that awaits us in the Streets and Roads market and identifying the specific applications for RCC in that market. Additionally, the program will highlight the benefits of RCC for Streets and Roads, examine the difference between conventional and high-density pavers and the role they play in RCC specification and performance and review some completed projects. Lastly, it will identify resources that are available to support your promotion effort and offer guidance specific to RCC that will support your promotion efforts, such as assembling your promotion team, identifying the hot button and how RCC answers that need.
    Phil Kresge, next date to be announced

For more information, contact Glenn Ochsenreiter at or




NRMCA Webinars are part of NRMCA's growing slate of online learning opportunities, which now includes full classes delivered in real time by industry experts... Saving you significant time and travel expenses!




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