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  • Free! Producer Quality Certification

    Presented by: Colin Lobo and Karthik Obla
    1.5 hours duration | Pub Code: PPV_PQC

    The new NRMCA producer quality certification raises the bar, establishes credibility in the marketplace and it is well established that improved quality reduces costs. The quality certification focuses on management commitment to quality, qualified personnel, properly maintained production facilities (main focus of the NRMCA plant certification), monitoring quality of concrete materials and the produced product and measurement systems.


  • Free! Overview of Inspecting Concrete Plants

    Presented by: Colin Lobo
    1.5 hours duration | Pub Code: PPV_OIC

    This video is designed to provide an overview of the NRMCA plant inspection process which is addressed in the NRMCA Plant Inspector Guide. It is intended for ready mixed producers and plant inspectors who perform inspections for the NRMCA Plant Certification Program.


  • Optimizing Fly Ash Concrete
    Presented by:
    Karthik Obla
    1.5 hours duration | Pub Code: PPV_OFAC

    What is the right amount of fly ash to use in concrete? Is as much as possible the right answer? What does the Code say? What do the specifications say? What happens to concrete performance with increasing fly ash? What about cost savings? What is the producer’s perspective? What is the engineer’s perspective?


  • Concrete Producer Responsibilities in Industry Codes and Standards
    Presented by: Colin Lobo
    1.5 hours duration | Pub Code: PPV_CPR

    This video will provide a concise overview of responsibilities of ready mixed concrete producers and other parties as addressed in industry standards such as ACI 318, Building Code for Structural Concrete, ACI 301, Specifications for Structural Concrete and ASTM C94, Specification for Ready Mixed Concrete. The items include provisions for strength, properties of fresh concrete and delivery.

  • Requirements and Standards for Concrete Strength
    Presented by: Colin Lobo
    1.5 hours duration | Pub Code: PPV_RSCS

    This video will cover the fundamental statistics and associated provisions for submittals, acceptance and referee testing of concrete strength. It will cover factors that influence measured concrete strength and the standards that govern strength testing.


  • Managing Returned Concrete and Wash Water at an RMC Plant
    Presented by:
    Karthik Obla
    1.5 hours duration | Pub Code: PPV_MRCWW

    Every year, it is estimated that 2% to 10% (average of 5%) of the estimated 455 million cubic yards of ready mixed concrete produced in the U.S. (est. 2006) is returned to the concrete plant. Also it is estimated that 150 gallons of water is used to wash out a ready mixed concrete truck every day. There is also a lot of process water generated at ready mixed plants, including stormwater which MUST BE treated as process water if allowed to commingle with process water. A ready mixed concrete producer SHOULD handle the returned concrete and water from concreting operations at a plant in a sustainable commercially viable manner.

    This video will discuss the various options of handling returned concrete – in particular the research work conducted at NRMCA on the use of crushed concrete aggregates for new concrete. It will also discuss the options in reusing water from concrete production operations. Technical and operational issues will be covered.



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