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Concrete Delivery Professional Certification
(CDP) Online Certification Program



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CDP Online Information Page


This short video was made in order to provide you with an overview of NRMCA's new CDP-Online program.

CLICK HERE or the link below to view directly on YouTube.




In these challenging times when every cubic yard delivered well is critical, CDP Online gives your frontline representatives the advantage of being the most efficient, skilled and productive driving force representing your business.

CDP Online Certification Provides the Following Benefits:

  • Individual participants work at their own pace and on their own schedule, providing flexibility and convenience to both the company and drivers.

  • The program is totally self-directed so a supervisor or company trainer is not needed.

  • CDP-Online has a convenient start/stop feature, making the new program adaptable to the variable work schedule of a typical ready mixed concrete driver.

  • Exams are online as well, so the requirement for third-party exam proctors has been eliminated, saving your company time and money.

  • The updated curriculum meets all new industry codes and standards.


The value of even the best internal training program can be enhanced by the validation of NRMCA's Concrete Delivery Professional certification. This program provides a competitive advantage by assuring customers that your mixer drivers are introduced to industry operation standards so your customers can expect the highest level of professionalism.


Five critical program areas are emphasized in CDP Certification:






Product Knowledge

Environmental Issues

Customer and Company Relations


Vehicle Maintenance and Operations

Lesson Preview (7:21)

Lesson Preview (4:40)

Lesson Preview (7:48)

Lesson Preview (5:26)

Lesson Preview (7:54)


Provide your mixer drivers with the basic technical knowledge about the product that he/she mixes and delivers.


Introduce your drivers to federal environ- mental compliance regulations, as well as compliance skills and methods.


Thoroughly cover what it takes for a driver to deliver excellent customer service that attracts repeat business.



Update your drivers on the industry's safety rules and regulations.


Assure that your drivers can deal with common malfunctions that may affect delivery.



Producers with Certified Mixer Drivers Testify that the CDP Program:

  • Increases Customer Satisfaction

  • Meets Federal Mandates for Supplier Certification

  • Enhances Existing Training Programs

  • Improves Morale, Helps Retain Drivers, and Increases Performance

  • Helps Meet Safety Requirements (Often resulting in fewer accidents and compliance problems)

  • Enhances Business Success (Fewer returned loads; lower maintenance and insurance costs)

  • Elevates the Industry and Supports the "Prescriptive-to-Performance" P2P Initiative


Keep it Going with Continued Certification Enroll Your Drivers Today!



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To guide you through the CDP registration process, please contact Shawnita Dickens, NRMCA's Certification Programs Administrator.

PHONE:  703-706-4854  EMAIL:




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