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NRMCA Concrete

Exterior Flatwork Finisher  


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Program Summary

This course, administered by Local Sponsoring Groups, is designed to train concrete finishers to place, finish, and cure exterior air entrained concrete to provide a durable surface for concrete that is exposed to moisture and periods of freezing and thawing.



Scope and Knowledge

The essential body of knowledge deemed necessary for the written exam and performance evaluation for this certification is contained in:

Best Practices for Exterior Flatwork Finishing;
Text Reference: NRMCA Concrete Exterior Flatwork Finisher Certification

The certification requires knowledge in the following areas of concrete construction:

  1. Concrete Required for Exterior Flatwork

  2. Placing and Finishing Concrete

  3. Joints

  4. Curing Concrete

  5. Types of Surface Problems and Causes

Certification Requirements

The NRMCA Concrete Exterior Flatwork Finisher Certification is awarded to an individual who has completed the following certification criteria:

  • Attended a training course offered by an approved local sponsoring group

  • Successfully completed a written exam based on the content of the training course and text. Passing score is 70%.

  • Completed a performance evaluation during an installation of exterior flatwork offered by the local sponsoring group or on a project

Study Material  

Workbook for NRMCA Certification of Concrete Exterior Flatwork Finisher

A study guide for the examinee, providing information and instructional material on the basics of installation and care of exterior concrete flatwork that will be exposed to freezing temperatures and application of deicing chemicals. The purpose is to inform concrete contractor personnel of accepted industry practice and to minimize the occurrence of scaling and other durability-related problems.

Exam Information


The examination consists of thirty (30) true-false/multiple choice type questions.

The duration of the exam is 1 hour.

Examination-pass criteria:
a) Score seventy percent [70%] or higher;
b) Complete a performance evaluation during an installation

Contractors must bring their finishing tools and curing compound for the performance evaluation.

Re-Examination Criteria

Failure of the examination by either of the examination pass criteria shall require a reexamination on the entire examination.





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