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PaveAhead: A Consistent Message for Local Paving Promotion and Technical Support
The PaveAhead brand was developed to provide a recognizable platform for local paving with NRMCA members and our external industry partners and clients. The intent of branding the local paving efforts is to repeatedly communicate, in multiple ways with frequency and consistency, the beneficial attributes of ready mixed paving products to our members' client base. This session will tie together all the platforms available to promote, sell and technically support street and parking lot projects. NRMCA staff will introduce the PaveAhead website and Design Center, available industry material for promotion and technical support, and educational activities aimed at project level pursuits.

Build With Strength Coalition Update
BWS is educating the building and design communities and policymakers on the benefits of ready mixed concrete, and encouraging its use as the building material of choice for low-to mid-rise structures. Join us to learn more about these efforts, and obtain the tools necessary to stand up for stronger and more resilient buildings in your own community.

BWS & Building Codes - Fire Safety Bills & Efforts Nationwide
A discussion of overall NRMCA efforts in states and cities to change how light-framed, combustible construction is treated by local and state building codes. There are several statewide efforts and many local jurisdictions that are trying to (or already have) change the use of wood in mid-rise construction through legislation and ordinance. We will discuss those efforts and focus on what is working and what isn°«t. An update on the national Timber Innovation Act and NRMCA°«s efforts to defeat it will also be provided.

RMC Research & Education Foundation Update
The RMC Research & Education Foundation is providing a variety of resources to support local education and training, as well as research to support local promotion and advocacy initiatives. Foundation personnel will cover the latest resources and how state affiliates and their members can access them. The latest update on the Troesh Matching Gift Campaign for the industry will also be covered.

Streets & Local Roads: Promotion/Advocacy Overview
This presentation covers general issues and approaches appropriate for producers or a coalition of parties that are implementing a streets and roads promotion effort by covering the steps detailed in NRMCA°«s Promotion and Advocacy Guide for Concrete Streets & Roads. These steps include assembling the leadership team, building a concrete paving coalition, conducting market research, developing a promotion/advocacy strategic plan, educating coalition participants, pursuing owner remedies, developing community support for local project opportunities, initiating elected-official advocacy strategies, and building support for local opportunities.


Builder°«s Supply Association of West Virginia

Maryland Ready Mix Concrete Association

New Jersey Concrete & Aggregate Association

Pennsylvania Aggregates & Concrete Association

Virginia Ready-Mixed Concrete Association


For more information please contact NRMCA's
Tamara Waugh: twaugh@nrmca.org | 240.485.1132





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