General Session and Panel Discussions

The Growing Influence of Wood in Buildings and

The wood interests, like all industries, looks for avenues to position themslves with specifiers. This past decade, they saw some successes in building codes as they eroded “artificial” barriers to the use of wood products through the use of firesuppression systems. They also saw an opportunity to align economic interests of cities faced with economic challenges with the growing awareness of climate change and the emergent concern with the carbon footprint of green building projects. This session will review the historic perspective of the growing movement to use wood over other building materials, the complex relationship between green certifications and local politics, and the competitive drive for market share among all industries.


Local Government Action for Resilience:

Panel Discussion

With the steady increase in disaster-related losses over the last couple of decades, there has been no shortage of conferences, white papers and frameworks supporting disaster resilience strategies. However, very few public agencies actually implement mandatory legislation and truly take action to protect the safety and welfare of its citizens. This session features a panel of representatives from local governments that recognized the need to improve their community’s adaptive capacity for the long term in response to increased risks and public interest. Their expert opinions provide context for the broader discussion of how to implement a range of resilient mandates for building practices, including simple, low-cost measures to mitigate disaster risks in their community.


Opportunities with Insulated Concrete Forms

Steel-reinforced concrete together with insulated concrete forms provide a complete construction solution offering optimum resilience, sustainability and occupant comfort. This presentation will explore the economics of two recent and very significant ICF build-outs which can be replicated in virtually any market area. Firstly, over 100 mid-rise multi-family buildings have been built in the city of Waterloo, Canada, with over half of them located within 1 square mile. Secondly, in the last decade ICF-built schools have become the standard of construction for schools in the state of Kentucky. This presentation will discuss how you can identify similar local opportunities and work with other stakeholders to drive specifications and concrete sales in your local market area.